Citing the Library

Please use the following to cite the latest version of the Ciw library:

  author       = {{{The Ciw library developers}}},
  title        = {Ciw: <RELEASE TITLE>},
  year         = <YEAR>,
  doi          = {<DOI INFORMATION>},
  url          = {<DOI NUMBER>}

To check the details (RELEASE TITLE, YEAR, DOI INFORMATION and DOI NUMBER) please view the Zenodo page for the project. Click on the badge/link below:


There is also a journal article ‘Ciw: An open-source discrete event simulation library’ published in the Journal of Simulation, that introduces the library and offers comparisons with other simulation tools in terms of reproducibility and performance.

It can be cited:

  author    = {Geraint I. Palmer and Vincent A. Knight and Paul R. Harper and Asyl L. Hawa},
  title     = {Ciw: An open-source discrete event simulation library},
  journal   = {Journal of Simulation},
  volume    = {13},
  number    = {1},
  pages     = {68-82},
  year      = {2019},
  publisher = {Taylor & Francis},
  doi       = {10.1080/17477778.2018.1473909},