List of Available Results

Each time an individual completes service at a service station, a data record of that service is kept. The records should look something like the table below:

I.D Class Node Arrival Date Wait Time Service Start Date Service Time Service End Date Time Blocked Exit Date Dest. Queue Size at Arrival Queue Size at Depart.
22759 1 1 245.601 0.0 245.601 0.563 246.164 0.0 246.164 -1 0 2
41129 0 1 245.633 0.531 246.164 0.608 246.772 0.0 246.772 -1 1 5
00195 0 2 247.821 0.0 247.841 1.310 249.151 0.882 250.033 1 0 0

You may access these records as a list of named tuples, using the Simulation’s get_all_records method:

>>> recs = Q.get_all_records() 

The data records contained in this list are named tuples with the following variable names:

  • id_number
    • The unique identification number for that customer.
  • customer_class
    • The number of that customer’s customer class. If dynamic customer classes are used, this is the customer’s previous class, before a new customer class is sampled after service.
  • node
    • The number of the node at which the service took place.
  • arrival_date
    • The date of arrival to that node, the date which the customer joined the queue.
  • waiting_time
    • The amount of time the customer spent waiting for service at that node.
  • service_start_date
    • The date at which service began at that node.
  • service_time
    • The amount of time spent in service at that node.
  • service_end_date
    • The date which the customer finished their service at that node.
  • time_blocked
    • The amount of time spent blocked at that node. That is the time between finishing service at exiting the node.
  • exit_date
    • The date which the customer exited the node. This may be immediatly after service if no blocking occured, or after some period of being blocked.
  • destination
    • The number of the customer’s destination, that is the next node the customer will join after leaving the current node. If the customer leaves the system, this will be -1.
  • queue_size_at_arrival
    • The size of the queue at the customer’s arrival date. Does not include the individual themselves.
  • queue_size_at_departure
    • The size of the queue at the customer’s exit date. Does not include the individual themselves.